What Is It is a series of images of mysterious objects with multiple possibilities for identifying the object. It was originally done to replace the advertising on a Tokyo subway train (J&R Line). The text is in Japanese and English.

"As for the exhibition itself, `What Is It? references a series of images Byrne created as mock advertisements inside Tokyo's subway system in 2002. Of the original 100 pieces, 20 have been included in the SECCA exhibition. Mounted on aluminum, these inkjet prints are essentially a series of clever multiple-choice questions.

For example, after presenting us with a photograph of an old beat-up bookshelf on wheels, Byrne lists three possible answers in the bottom left corner:

(A) Modern architecture

(B) Book sale

(C) Parade float, Cambodia

And when he presents us with a picture of an outdated piece of electronic equipment, we are asked to choose from:

(A) Mechanical brain

(B) Jimi Hendrix Fuzztone

(C) Machine for teaching science"

-Brian Crean, Greensboro News & Record

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