The Forest


These pieces are largely orchestral.

Part 1: Ur
Part 2: Kish
Part 3: Dura Europus
Part 4: Samara
Part 5: Ninevah
Part 6: Ava
Part 7: Machu Picchu
Part 8: Tula
Part 9: Teotihuacan
Part 10: Asuka

This was written as a phonetic lyric guide by an oldish Russian man in the Forest cast.

Mai lajf is bjutifull
Mai Bet soft end Worm
Wejk ap mai lidl lembs
Sun yt uyl bi daun.

Oll sings, ar wondefull
Houn is neva far
Your Poppa hyrs ju nau.
Aj hijr hym krain.
Uan end Tu end Sfri end vor
Hoold on Tajt end dount let gou.

Stiks end stouns uil brejk
jour bouns.
God hes left as on aur oun.
Uan end Tu end Sfri end vor
Aj dont keer end dont nou.
Hold on tajt end dount let gou.
God, hes left as on aur oun


Composed by David Byrne
Orchestrated and Conducted by Jimmie Haskell

Technical Assistance: Brad Cox
Copyist: Dave Ward
Recorded at: Entourage Studios, N. Hollywood
Engineered by Andy Waterman and Mark Wolfson
Assistant Engineering by Brian Campbell
Also recorded at:
Hansa Tonstudios, Berlin
Engineered by Edu Meyer
Assistant Engineering by Moses
Musician Contracting by Hubert Machnik
Additional recording and mixing at:
The Bakery Recording Studios, N. Hollywood
Engineered by Andy Waterman
Assistant Engineering y Chris Lilley
Digital Editing by Brian Mendelsohn
Mastered at Future Disc Systems, N. Hollywood by Steve Hall

Art Direction by Robin Lynch and David Byrne
Cover Art by John Taylor Dismukes at Capstone Studios, Los Angles
Booklet design by Robin Lynch and John Heiden

Photo credits:
“Airship Interior” FAA Museum, Yeovilton, Somerset
“Feed Pump Pipework, Hinkley Point” by Douglas Allen
Glasgow University Archives, Babcock Collection
“Fordermaschinist” Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum
“Oil Refinery South of Kuwait City”, AFP Photo
“The Forest” by David Byrne
“The Biggest Machine in The World” by David Byrne

Production Coordination by Brenda Dunlap
Thanks to Yale Evelev, Mark Westaway, Wim Wenders, Andrea Oeshner, Jana Cisar, Sandy Castonguay, Stacy Valis and Barbara Griffin.

Corin Curschellas- Lead Vocalist on “Nineveh”
Geno Lechner- Vocalist on “Dura Europus”
Robert Zollitsh- Zither on “Samara”
Sid Page- Violin on “Tula”

Some of this music was originally heard in THE FOREST, a theatre piece by Robert Wilson and David Byrne. Directed by Robert Wilson
Premiered at the Theater der Freien Volksbuhne, Berlin in 1988

Hansa Tonstudios, Berlin
Hitoshi Ishikaba- Concertmaster, Violin
Susan Widmer- Violin
Marcus Honegger- Violin
Insa Cordes- Violin
Paul Fenton- Viola
Dorle Sommer- Viola
Helmut Menzler- Cello
Veronica Holscher- Cello
Joachim Stver- Double Bass
Matthias Hendel- Double Bass

Camilla Hoitenga- Flute
Marcus Hufschmidt- Flute
Mechiel van der Brink- Oboe/Cor Anglais
Michael Riessler- Saxophone/Clarinet
Eric Lamberger- Clarinet
Ghislain Herve- Bass Clarinet
Veit Scholz- Bassoon

Samuel Thiel- Horn/French Horn
Thomas Baumgartel- Horn/French Horn
Frieder Steinle- Trumpet
Joachim Pfeiffer- Trumpet
Ulrich Pfrotsch- Trombone
Uwe Fussel- Bass Trombone
Klaus Burger- Tuba

Robyn Schulkowsky
Johannes Beer

Piano: Ursula Meyer
Piano, organ, celesta: Christian Pitius
Accordion: Teodor Anzelotti
Carillon: Jeffry Bossin

Entourage Studios
Sid Sharp- Concertmaster. Violin
James Getzoff- Violin
Sam Boghossian- Violin
Dan Neufeld- Violin
Joy Lyle- Violin
Sid Page- Violin
David Shamban- Cello
Jesse Ehrlich- Cello
James Lakefield- Bass

Don Markesan- Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Loren Levee- Clarinet
Miriam Snowsuits- Flute
Sarah Orem Weiss- Flute
Patricia Kindle- Bassoon
John Clarke- Oboe

Stuart Blumberg- Trumpet
Malcolm McNabb- Trumpet
Steve Durbin- French Horn
John Reynolds- French Horn
Ernie Carlson- Trombone
Alan Kaplan- Trombone
Jim Self- Tuba

Percussion: Alan Estes
Piano: Alan Broadbent
Accordion: Jimmie Haskell

The Bakery Studio
Sid Page- Violin
Robert Becker- Violin
Larry Corbett- Cello

Percussion: Bernie Dresel

David Byrne
Linda Harmon
Randy Crenshaw
Scottie Haskell
William New
Bobbie Page

Accordion: Jimmie Haskell

Luaka Bop Inc. Copyright 1991 Sire Records Company for the U.S.
Made in U.S.A

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