Talking Heads: Chronology, by Barry Walters

Via Rolling Stone

By Barry Walters

The transformation of Talking Heads from twitchy three-member art band to innovative nine-piece avant-funk extravaganza is one of music's most unexpected success stories. Chronology - the Heads' first-ever DVD anthology - charts that evolution with performances that differ radically from their studio counterparts. The set runs from a 1975 CBGB gig to a 1983 Letterman appearance, tossing in surreal bits like a 1979 American Bandstand lip-sync of "Take Me to the River." Detailed band-member commentary proves illuminating, and bonuses include an abstract U.K. TV profile where frontman David Byrne confesses that he once wanted to dress like an average person, but found it required too much work. This is about as fun as experimental pop can get.

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