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Tipsy on Two Wheels
"'Everyone I ride with has at least one story of hurting themselves booze-rolling.'"
The New York Times City Room Blog 08.07.10

40 bloggers who really count
"Few professionals in the arts maintain a blog as lovingly as David Byrne, or post at such length about topics of genuine interest."
Times Online 05.01.10

Great Journalist-Musician Feuds: A History
"Winner: Byrne, for doing his homework"
Flavorwire 03.31.10

David Byrne: Two heads are sometimes better than one
"On the eve of releasing 22 new songs with Norman Cook, the Talking Heads frontman tells of the joys of artistic collaboration."
The Observer 03.21.10

David Byrne Discusses St. Vincent Collaboration
"Though David Byrne’s online journal often takes on daunting subjects, such as Czech Republic steel foundry/coal mine complexes, 'The Kindle Experience,' Bono, and the 'Internet Antichrist,' that doesn’t mean he’s short on words about music."
TwentyFourBit 03.16.10

The Streets Are Safe (From Whimsical Bike Racks)
"'Bureaucracy won. Lame, NYC!'"
The New York Times City Room Blog 02.04.10

David Byrne on Arts Funding in America: "Stop Glorifying Dead Guys"
"In a long, well-reasoned post on his website last week, David Byrne bemoaned the current state of arts funding at the state level in America..."
The L Magazine 12.16.09

Licklider the Seed-planting Antichrist and yOUR Privacy
"...There’s an ever-insightful musing by David Byrne on the internet, the death of books & other antiquated media, psychoacoustics & silence, the continual rebirth & research into new technologies, and the implications on our personal lives..."
Clusterflock 11.7.09

David Byrne: 'Inevitably someone will hack the Kindle'
"Despite the hefty price tag, Byrne likes the device. But he really didn’t like the fact that Amazon locked his purchases down faster than Shah Rukh Khan at Newark International Airport..."
ZDNet: The ToyBox 8.28.09

David Byrne visits the newsagents
"'...the tacky scandals and topless girls of the Murdoch-owned Sun scream lower class, and the redesigned Guardian shouts middle class smartie.' Middle class smartie? Thanks … we think."
The Guardian: Media Monkey 8.14.09

David Byrne
"His is a show so well conceived and executed, and beautiful in its simplicity, that it makes an absolute mockery of U2's indulgence."
Fest Magazine 8.12.09

David Byrne, Edison, technology and e-books
"With the e-book looming as an ever-larger presence in the publishing world, it is impossible to resist looking at earlier such shifts."
Los Angeles Times: Jacket Copy 6.5.09

David Byrne Sings in Somebody's English Basement
"Which audio is indeed acoustically incredible, if tantalizingly brief."
The Village Voice 4.7.09

"Byrne and Robertson talked cycling, development and Enrique Penalosa, the former mayor of Bogota, Colombia."
Vancouver Courier 3.11.09

Former Talking Heads front man on the state of the newspapers
"Byrne keeps in touch with fans by posting thoughtful, insightful blogs about life on the road."
Seattle Post Intelligencer 2.17.09

David Byrne journals Songs of Byrne and Eno tour
"Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the journal is how Byrne feels about the crowds in each city."
Paste Magazine 10.1.08

Airport's free wireless service comes at a price
"...what other than some diabolical force would deign to upset nerd-tastic musician David Byrne...?"
LA Times 3.10.08

Byrne y el trauma de Ikea
"¿Quién no ha sentido alguna vez pánico al cruzar las puertas de Ikea?"
El País 1.14.08

And you may find yourself... in an Ikea store
"Who lives here? What do they do?"
The Independent 1.10.08

David Byrne's trip report from Berlin's Stasi Museum
"...getting to shoulder-surf thinkers who make me smarter."
BoingBoing 7.11.07

Blogging Celebs and What They Reveal
"The former Talking Heads frontman has long had one of the best blogs on the Web…"
AP 6.5.07

Interview: David Byrne
"…I'll put the parts online that aren't going to get me in trouble…"
Pitchfork 7.17.06

"The Approval Matrix"
New York Magazine 5.15.06

Esky Award for "Best Scribe"
"And you may find yourself reading about Costa Rican snorkelling…"
Esquire Magazine 4.05

Talking Head
"Just don't call it a blog."
Guardian UK 12.2.04


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